Hello and thank you so much for coming to the Breaking the Bullying Circle page. I appreciate you. My name is Ron Shuali.

Imagine if you could, with some skills and tools, help out kids that you know, kids in your life and also also kids that you don’t know by sharing knowledge, information.

Imagine if you could shift your relationships with other people by understanding yourself more so that you can connect with some people at another level.

What would your life be like if you didn’t feel triggered by other people saying words to you?

And then you feel like you have no choice but to respond.

So check out this page.

Tons of resources, videos, interviews, and a lot of other different things that I offer you so that you can help breakdown the Bullying circle.

There is also a community you can join to ask questions in a safe environment where you will be coached and helped, no matter what.

I appreciate you. Have fun on the website.

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