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What is breaking the bullying circle?

The program that started as a book by international Keynote Speaker and Author Ron Shuali M.Ed. has now has helped thousands of children and their parents defeat bullying for good!

Stop Schools from Scaring Students to be/Stay Victims

Fight back against unfair and irresponsible zero tolerance laws and school staff that take advantage of them and are deceptive about their bullying practices

conversation between Families

Initiating and promoting open dialogues between children and families to clarify expectations on mental and physical bullying actions and reactions and to understand what is really going on in public schools

Self-Defense for all students

Empowering families by teaching children and their families mental self defense for mental bullying AND physical self defense for physical bullying aka assault.

Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Students will learn:

About The Creator

Ron Shuali, M.Ed. has spent over 15 years working and presenting in the education marketplace. He is a best selling author, top motivational speaker and presenter with expertise in the preschool through middle school arena. Ron presents keynote addresses, continuing professional development workshops and school assemblies in schools and conferences nationally and locally. His ability to awaken the minds of students and schools expands into the corporate world as well. All participants laugh, listen and learn to succeed.

Since 2011, Ron has been giving anti-bullying /self-defense school assemblies and helping children out of victimhood. 

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Our Mission

to save children from falling into programmed victimhood.

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